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A Guide to Comporta, Portugal


Comporta, a village that is about an hour south of Lisbon is a sandy beach that stretches about 13 miles. It is one of the seven villages that make up the greater Herdade de Comporta located in the Alentejo Province. It lies between the Atlantic and dense forest. It is a beautiful village and has numerous affordable places that people can stay when on vacation. It has wonderful shady canopies, marked bays, and a well-organized car park for the convenience of the tourists who come here. It is quite popular with many European sun-seeking tourists who enjoy sneaking away to this wonderful village.


When you take a holiday to Comporta, Portugal, you will see the sizzling beach that has palm trees lined up, beach cafes and sun loungers where tourists lie on bean bags nodding to some great tunes playing. You can lie there and watch the beautiful Atlantic as the waves break on the shore. One cannot fail to mention the windswept dunes, chic homes, and boutiques established along the coast. This village had remained humble unlike other tourist hotspots due to its earthly nature. When you arrive at hotels comporta portugal, you will get a warm welcome from the villagers, fishermen, retired bankers and families who have visited the area to unwind and get off the grid.


There are several beach restaurants that serve finger-licking food. You will find specialties like Sal, clams in a garlicky broth and fishcakes. They also serve amazing smoothies and drinks including beers and freshly squeezed juices. For your boarding facilities, you are spoilt for choice; you will find fishermen cottages that have been restored, luxurious apartments that are affordable {with 50 euros, you can find a decent apartment). There are also people who have built holiday homes that provide excellent accommodation facilities for people who prefer to live in a home setting. If you prefer the hotel set up, you will find that the hotels here keep with the laid-back nature of the village. They are simple but made with high-design made with pallets of natural wood, stone or concrete.


Other activities that you can do, (well apart from lying on the bean bags on the beach) include playing polo on the canters and dunes through the waves, swimming, and scuba diving among others. There is a ferry that goes across the Sado estuary hourly when it almost full. While taking the ferry ride, you can enjoy seeing the playful dolphins in the ocean. Read more about comporta portugal at our site.